Rescue Diver

Who is this course for?

According to the divers who have completed this course, it is very demanding, and at the same time bringing great satisfaction. Why?

Since completing it not only gives the title of diver - rescuer, but also changes the approach to diving. Not only teaches how to solve problems in the water, but also shows how to prevent them. It gives a sense of control and responsibility for what is going on with divers under water.


  • Age: completed 12 years
  • Permissions dive: Advanced Open Water Diver (Junior Advanced Open Water Diver), or an equivalent degree of other federations diving
  • The certificate of course completion first aid made not earlier than 24 months before the accession to the PADI Rescue Diver; in the absence of such conduct certificate course EDF as an extension of the exchange rate RD.

Course program

The Rescue Diver, divers are taught how to deal with emergencies - recognize them and react accordingly. They are familiarized with various techniques of rescue and special rescue equipment. The course also includes knowledge of the diseases associated with diving - recognizing the fundamental symptoms and first aid.

The course consists of a theoretical part (culminating in an examination) and practical, where are presented exercises and scenarios that simulate real emergency situations in water.

the course Rescue Diver is as follows:

  • self rescue
  • rescue equipment and management of the place of the event,
  • recognition and coping with stress in themselves and others,
  • helping panicked diver - on the surface and under water.
  • rescue an unconscious diver.

    under the supervision of an instructor, participants carry out several staged rescue maintaining the necessary procedures and skillfully using the methods of first aid.


Students benefit not only from the basic diving equipment. During exercise they will work with your device to administer oxygen, floats, buoys marked masks for resuscitation, CPR mannequins. They will learn what equipment should be fitted every diver.

What next?

When it comes to the development of diving skills and expand experience, should I take the  specialty courses . The rescue recommend that you make the course Emergency Oxygen Provider. If these topics are already known and exhausted, time to start a career professional diver.