Dive sites – medium difficulty

King Kong

  • depth: 5-18 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate, easy enough
  • description: it is a real underwater paradise, a relatively little known and frequented; among huge boulders (6-8m in diameter) there is a lot of gorgonians and table corals and living among them fish, eg. razor fish, goby.


  • depth: 5-18 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate, easy enough
  • description: Twins is a series of two large rock formations located to a depth of 18 meters; it is primarily known as the home of the family of clown fish; you can meet many gobies, moray eels, trigger fish, anemone shrimp, morays, flatworms and pipefish, cleaner wrasse, baby angelfish, squid, juvenile sweet lips and many others.

White Rock

  • depth: 5-22 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate, easy enough
  • description: the dive site is located halfway between Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao and it is a very popular place for night dives; there are two pinnacles submerged underwater at a depth of 20 meters and 2 meters protrude on the surface, they have many shelves, various formations which overgrown hard and soft corals; you can meet stingrays, wide variety of pelagics, barracudas, and even turtles; this is the home of the beautiful titan triggerfish called by divers Trevor.

Green Rock

  • depth: 5-25 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate
  • description: fascinating rock formations sculpted form numerous caves and inlets; macro photography lovers will delight fabulously colorful nudibranchs; corals occupy harlequin sweetlips, angelfish, anemone shrimp, butterfly fish, you can also meet barracudas, sea snakes, white tip sharks, and deeper - a huge grouper; should also be careful of titan triggerfish, who fiercely defend their territory.

Hin Pee Wee

  • depth: 8-28 m
  • degree of difficulty: Intermediate
  • description: a beautiful pinnacles covered with corals; their name comes from one of the pioneers of diving in Koh Tao - Hin Pee Wee; you can meet stingrays, moray eels, between pinnacles can be seen a large coral table.

Hin Wong Pinnacle

  • depth of 15-25 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate
  • description: a very picturesque place, where among huge boulders are numerous corals - they are a real maze perfect for underwater fun; in addition to many species of fish, such as grouper, pufferfish, angelfish, snappers, moray eels, you can meet a turtle!

Red Rock (Nangyuan Cave)

  • depth of 5-20 m
  • degree of difficulty: Intermediate
  • description: Nang Yuan Pinnacle, a small granite peak, which rises from the water with a depth of about 20 m, surrounded by numerous caves and swim throughs, to the west of it there is a small cave with a length of 12 m, which can affect, numerous clearances make it fairly well lit; among many corals (whip coral, soft coral and sea fans) you can meet stingrays, turtles and traditional inhabitants of reefs, as angelfish, moray eels, scorpion fish, nudibranchs; this dive site is suitable for all levels though during full moon, currents may be experienced.

Sail Rock

  • depth: 5-35 m
  • degree of difficulty: intermediate
  • description: single rock protruding from the water between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, with a characteristic "chimney "- a vertical tunnel in the rock, stretching from 18m to 8m; rock is full of small shelves and holes that are ideal habitat for octopuses, white moray eels, anemones, shrimp; in the winter months they appear here whale sharks and other large pelagic species.

Laem Thian

  • depth: 5-16 m
  • degree of difficulty: Intermediate, quite difficult
  • description: this dive site is known for its numerous swim throughs and cave systems; huge boulders create an underwater labyrinth; the most famous is the gap "Star Wars", where a crack in the rock extends up to the surface.