Assistant Instructor

Who is this course for?

Assistant Instructor course is an excellent way to gain knowledge about how to teach diving. It is designed for Divemasters and is the first step to obtain the degree of instructor.
In fact, this course is the first part of the Instructor Course. It is recommended especially for those who want to become professional in teaching prior to the course for Instructor.

Course Program

During the course Assistant Instructor student:

  • acquires knowledge through self-study, lectures and own presentations,
  • participates in the review and assessment of the skills of swimming pool, workshops and assessments presentation
  • attending classes on the open waters.

    During the course it is important to focus on the development of organizational skills and teaching, so candidates should already have adequate diving skills prior to the course.

After the course

The task of helping instructor in training.
After completing the course and passing the exam the instructos id authorized to:

  • conducting theoretical any diving course, under the supervision of a diving instructor;
  • presenting basic skills diving in the classroom in the waters of the pools under the direct supervision of aN instructor;
  • giving presentations and assessments surface trainees during the course of the Open Water Diver, under the indirect supervision of an instructor;
  • running a course some specialities