Price list – Diving Courses

Diving Courses (1 EUR = approx. 40 THB)

ReActivate (for divers who not dive more than 6 months)2.000 THB*  
Try Dive (1 day boat tour with 2 dives)3.500 THB  
Scuba Diver8.000 THB*2 nights in room10.000 THB*
Open Water Diver (OWD)11.000 THB*3 nights in room14.000 THB*
Open Water Diver (OWD) individual course (1-2 persons) with your native speaking instructor15.000 THB*  
Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)10.000 THB*2 nights in room12.000 THB*
Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) individual course (1-2 persons) with your native speaking instructor14.000 THB*  
Course continuation
9.500 THB*2 nights in room11.500 THB*
Emergency First Responder (EFR)4.000 THB*1 night in room5.000 THB*
Course continuation3.500 THB*1 night in room*4.500 THB*
Rescue Diver10.000 THB*2 nights in room12.000 THB*
Dive Master30.000 THB**  
Fun Dive from no. 1 till no. 7 (per dive)1.000 THB  
Fun Dive from no. 8 till no. 12 (per dive)900 THB  
Fun Dive from no. 13 till the end (per dive)800 THB  
Additional payment to distant dive sites (Chumpon Pinnacle, South West, Sail Rock)1.000 THB  

Dive Specialities

Deep – 3 dives7.500 THB*  
Wreck  – 4 dives8.500 THB*  
Nitrox – 2 dives8.000 THB*  
Drift  – 2 dives5.500 THB*  
Peak Performance Buoyancy  – 2 dives4.500 THB*  
Emergency Oxygen Provider3.000 THB*  


* Price includes materials and certificate of PADI.

** Price includes hotel room with air conditioning.


  • Daily shuttle service to and from the hotel: +600 THB per 1 taxi