Price list – Diving Courses

Diving Courses (1 EUR = approx. 40 THB)

ReActivate (for divers who not dive more than 6 months)2.000 THB*  
Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)1.700 THB  
second dive (optional)1.300 THB  
Scuba Diver7.300 THB*2 nights in shared room*8.000 THB
  2 persons7.800 THB per person
  3 persons7.700 THB per person
  4 persons7.600 THB per person
Open Water Diver (OWD)10.000 THB*3 nights in shared room*10.900 THB
  2 persons10.700 THB per person
  3 persons10.500 THB per person
  4 persons10.300 THB za osobę
Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)9.000 THB*2 nights in shared room*9.600 THB
  2 persons9.500 THB per person
  3 persons9.400 THB per person
Course continuation
8.500 THB*2 nights in shared room*9.100 THB
  2 persons9.000 THB per person
  3 persons8.900 THB per person
Emergency First Responder (EFR)4.000 THB*1 night in shared room*4.350 THB
  2 persons4.200 THB per person
  3 persons4.100 THB per person
  4 persons4.000 THB per person
Course continuation3.500 THB*1 night in shared room*3.850 THB
  2 persons3.700 THB per person
  3 persons3.600 THB per person
  4 persons3.500 THB per person
Rescue Diver9.800 THB*2 nights in shared room*10.500 THB
  2 persons10.300 THB per person
  3 persons10.200 THB per person
  4 persons10.100 THB per person
Course continuation9.300 THB*2 nights in shared room*10.000 THB
  2 persons9.800 THB per person
  3 persons9.700 THB per person
  4 persons9.600 THB per person
Dive Master30.000 THB*  


Dive Specialities

Deep – 3 dives7.500 THB2 nights in shared room*8.200 THB
Wreck  – 4 dives8.500 THB2 nights in shared room*9.200 THB
Nitrox – 2 dives8.000 THB1 night in shared room*8.350 THB
Drift  – 2 dives5.500 THB1 night in shared room*5.850 THB
Peak Performance Buoyancy  – 2 dives4.500 THB1 night in shared room*4.850 THB
Emergency Oxygen Provider3.000 THB1 night in shared room*2.850 THB


* Prices of all courses (except DSD) do not include materials (minimum is a book) and certificates.

  • single room with fan - extra charge: 400 THB per room per night
  • double room with fan: 200 THB per room per night per person
  • single room with air conditioning - extra charge: 800 THB per room per night
  • double room with air conditioning - extra charge: 400 THB per room per night per person
  • Daily shuttle service to and from the hotel: + 200 THB per day (per person)