Who is this course for?

So if diving goes beyond fscynującego hobby and becomes a way of life, it is best to complete the divemaster, or guide diving .

this course is designed to:

  • developing the ability to guide undersea;
  • education assistant instructor;
  • familiar with the specifics market diving.

    divemaster certification opens up a wide range of career opportunities. With it you can find a job in the most unusual places in the world, meet amazing people and other cultures. It is also a huge step in personal development: divemaster becoming a leader and mentor to other divers.


To participate in divemaster include:

  • be a diver certified degree  Advanced Open Water Diver (or degree equivalent to another organization)
  • have a certified  Rescue Diver (or equivalent of another organization)
  • have completed in the past two years, a course of first aid;
  • be an adult;
  • have a medical certificate of fitness to dive issued not earlier than 12 months prior to the course;
  • be in good physical condition;
  • have at least 40 documented dives to the start of the course and at least 60 logged dives until completion.

Course Program

The Divemaster Course is designed to prepare the candidate for the role of leader and mentor for other divers.

The course consists of the following elements:

I. The classroom sessions covering the following issues:

  • Skills divemaster: assisting with training programs conducted by the divemaster, the supervision of certified divers.
  • Knowledge knowledge of diving physics and physiology of diving equipment diving, decompression theory.
  • risk Management.

    II. Assessment of the skills of swimming, diving and rescue.

    III. Practical sessions

    • Assist with basic courses, advanced specialization.
    • Planning, organizing and conducting dives from the beach, boats, swimming pool.
    • Preparation map diving sites.
    • Organize rescue.

      All the practical classes are held 5 * diving center under the guidance of instructors of different nationalities, with the participation of multinational customers, so you can get to know specifics work in bronze diving.

      After completing the course and meeting all certification requirements, the candidate will receive a certificate and a diploma confirming his rights.