Advanced Open Water

Exploration and new experiences ...

Discovering the unknown and new experiences - Advanced Open Water Diver is dedicated divers who want to develop their skills by acquiring nukes experiences when diving under different conditions, in different situations.

The course Advanced Open Water Diver is conducive to the development of new diving skills, so you can feel more comfortable in the water. This is an excellent way to continue the adventure diving instructor.

Who is this course for?

The basic requirements to join the course are: age - completed 12 years and have a diving license Open Water Diver. Accepted are also equivalent certificates issued by other dive federations.

Course Program

The course involves making 5 dives, chosen from a wide range of dive types (Adventure Dives) and read the theory about the dives included in the manual.

Adventure Diver certificate holders to receive the certificate must perform two missing diving.

Two dive types are mandatory:

  • deep - between 18 and 30 meters,
  • underwater navigation - navigation dive with compass.

    The dives may be the first dives performed on separate courses of speciality courses.