Our dive vessel finally laid down

After a four-month extensive renovation, we built our first boat dive with a sonorous name - Oriental Divers.
Renovation began with the raising of the ship from the water and place it in the shipyard. The ship's structure, motor, pump, all the instrumentation, mechanical, hydraulic and electric was closely inspected. Safety is a very important part of the work and each element for which we had the slightest doubt was planned to replace with a new one.
From the beginning, the work moved sharply forward. Which is not that easy in Thai climate. Fortunately, thanks to the employment of a professional group of professionals and ongoing supervision work progressed at a good pace. Used elements of wiring and hydraulics was removed, and we started to lay the protection on the internal structure of the ship with appropriate amount of the paint, specially adapted to the marine environment. Normally, people do not realize that the marine environment is extremely demanding in terms of quality of workmanship and materials - it is one of the most corrosive environments on Earth. Even stainless steel in contact with sea water corrodes quite quickly - therefore metal components on ships are made of highest grade stainless steel or copper alloys.

At the same time the engine and other mechanical parts such as pumps and transmissions was carefully inspected.

From the outside, the hull has been cleaned and coated with several layers of resistant paint. Because marine organisms love to attach themselves to the ships hulls (which causes all sorts of problems and increases resistance when moving through the water) we laid several layers of special paint with high copper content below the waterline on the hull of the ship. This prevents the attachment of the creatures to the ship and gives minimal resistance while sailing.

After dealing with the construction works the elements responsible for safety at sea, such as sea rescue equipment (vests, rafts and signalling and fire extinguishers) have been reinstalled.

The safety and efficiency of the vessel are very important, but the ship is primarily made to make your time pleasant. Therefore we devoted as much attention to the appearance and comfort as to the technical affairs and security.

The ship is designed for divers and accompanying persons, and we want our guests to enjoy every moment with us. The ship has a thoughtful design under this account to ensure your maximum comfort during both activities related to the preparation for diving and when you want to relax, sunbathe or eat.

The lower deck is designed for divers and gear preparations. Also here is a captain's cabin and room for diving equipment. The wet deck is located at the back part of the ship for convenient entry and exit of the water for divers and others who just want to take a swim. Also on the lower middle deck there is a distributor of cold and hot water, tea and coffee. Under the stairs leading to the upper deck you can find the toilet.

The upper deck in the rear part is covered with the sunscreen and there are  benches and tables. The front part was created as a platform where there are mattresses for sunbathing. On the upper deck will our guests will enjoy meals during lunch and fresh fruits.

Upon completion of installation of all equipment and the ship was laid down and after their maiden voyage on March 2, arrived at the port on the Koh Tao.

Ship repair is a difficult and hard work. Requiring perseverance and accuracy - especially since we want the highest quality. With persistence and productive work of repair crew after four months of hard work we are proud to give at your disposal the newest dive ship in Koh Tao.

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